Import and Work with CFD Files

Import CFD flow field data from commercial (Ansys Fluent) and opensource (OpenFoam) solvers
Create custom contour and vector views of flow fields using powerful visualization tools
Define custom fields using an in-built flexible and powerful calculator utility

Create Zones

Easily create zones from the 3D geometry using powerful visual aids and zoning utilities
User has the ability to define zones based on “cutting planes” that intersect each other. Each zone can then be used to analyze for homogeneous reactions of interest (in terms of selectivities, product yields, conversions etc.)

Model Chemical Reactions

Choose species of interest from a customizable database
Specify chemical reactions to be analyzed using a very intuitive user interface
Flexibly choose between different models to describe turbulence-chemistry interaction
Specify initial and boundary conditions for each zone using powerful visual aids

Solution & Post-processing

Specify solution parameters such as initial and final time points, reporting intervals, error controls etc.
Choose from a variety of ODE solver methods for stiff and non-stiff kinetics
Use powerful and intuitive visualization tools to plot and analyze results