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ZoneIT - Smart Process Modeling Tool to Predict Process Performance
ZoneIT - Smart Process Modeling Tool to Predict Process Performance

What is ZoneIT?

ZoneIT is a smart process modeling, tool that enables engineers to predict process performance using realistic flow/mixing patterns. Using a technique called “zonal network representation”, ZoneIT brings together the power of computational flow modeling and the simplicity/robustness of engineering models to optimize complex process applications involving single/multiphase flows, reactions, heat and mass transfer operations etc. - all in one single tool!

What unitops can I use ZoneIT on?

ZoneIT is versatile - it can be used to analyze homogeneous reactions, heterogeneous reactions, drying, crystallization, precipitation, polymerization etc.

Why should you use ZoneIT?

Modeling in industry today presents an interesting but not necessarily desirable dichotomy. On the one hand, the advances made in computational flow modeling have enabled accurate predictions of flow and mixing patterns in process vessels etc. On the other hand, traditional process modeling has treated complex physical and chemical processes occuring within these process vessels using simplifying assumptions about the flow patterns. Attempts to marry these two branches in a straightforward manner result in computationally very expensive models - which are practically not very useful. ZoneIT bridges the gap that has grown between these two branches. With its seamless integration between the two branches, ZoneIT enables process engineers to analyze the flow/mixing patterns in process equipment and their impact on physico-chemical processes occuring in the equipment. And it does this in a robust, fast and accurate way : so if you are interested in getting realistic predictions of your unitops' performance, ZoneIT is your go-to tool.




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